By Jessica Maddin

24 Hour Fitness
A huge thank you to CEO Carl Liebert and Vice President Randy Drake at 24 Hour Fitness for donating an unbelievable amount of protein bars, muscle milk, and performance multivitamins. You sent so much stuff, more than I ever anticipated receiving, and I know that it will go to a lot of people who really need it. It’s nice to know that a simple email from a part-time employee could evolve into what it did. I am forever grateful. I can not think of a better way to have started off this amazing project. A thousand thank-yous!

Thank you for being the website that really inspired me. I knew that I myself could send one or two care packages out and it would be great. Reading all the wish-lists and updates of our soldiers really drove me to want to do more.

My Family
Your support has been amazing! Thank you especially to my amazing momma Gladys, my godmother Sandra, and cousins Danielle, Domenic and Jenna for helping me put together all the care packages. A special thanks to my grandparents Wiwa & Tati for letting me take over the living room and dining room for this project and for helping sort/break down boxes. Thank you to my godfather Danny for offering to take me to the post office in his surbuban which can fit a ton of boxes!

Thank you for visiting my little blog! Thank you for any donations you have made be it material or monetary.

Total amount raised as of 7/19/10
We have collected
$3058.81! Simply amazing!

Thank you to those who have donated via Paypal
Thank you so much for your donations! We have raised $1338.85 in just paypal donations!

  • Amber Farhat: the first official donation I recieved. Love you!
  • Julie Andric: I went to school with Julie at St. Phillips for 8 years.
  • Justine Morales
  • Jessica Coatney
  • Glen Smith: Glen is an amazing AnySoldier supporter and vietnam veteran. He was the one responsible for this amazing video.
  • Daniel Porter: A close family friend who was kind enough to sponsor 25 boxes.
  • Janae & Kevin Walsh
  • Gina Ayala
  • Jesse Viray
  • Debbie Suazo Manasco & The Mesa Church of Christ
  • Mr & Mrs. David Woodrow
  • Loren Hill: my mother’s best friend and she told me she would be supporting me with donations every month I do this. Thank you!
  • Julie Towner
  • Danny & Shiela Sneed
  • Joel Phillips: the father of Andrew Phillips whom this project is dedicated to
  • Debra James
  • Todd Bloom
  • Phyllis Keithley
  • Sharon Sekhon
  • Anabella Lauretta
  • David Kolowski

Thank you to those who have donated cash/checks
Thank you so much for your donations! We have raised $1720.46 so far!

  • Gladys Maddin: My mommy!
  • Mike Margolin: one of my “regulars” who attends the gym where I work
  • Quang Tran: a kind soul who read my article online and sponsored 8 boxes.
  • Chuck Houck: one of my adopted grandfathers who is a “regular” who attends the gym where I work
  • Dominick Vizio: one of my adopted grandfathers who is a “regular” who attends the gym where I work
  • The Bako Family
  • The Vega Family: Danny, Libby, Danielle & Domenic. My godfather, aunt and two cousins
  • Nancy & Robin Mackenroth
  • Lynda Junir
  • Nellie Gonzales
  • Laurie Phillips: the mother of Andrew Phillips whom this project is dedicated to
  • James & Elva Sherman
  • Shaun & Megan Dison: Shaun is my service manager at 24 Hour Fitness.
  • An anonymous gym member: He doesn’t want his name on here, but this kind gentleman has donated to me 5 times thus far totaling $280.00
  • Vijay Punjabi: an old co-worker from when I used to work at Lamps Plus years ago.
  • Leticia Lopez: one of my new co-workers at 24 Hour Fitness whom I absolutely adore!
  • Theresea Mueller: one of my dear friends who lives in New York.
  • Jane Clark: my personal trainer’s mother whom I call my second momma!
  • Rosemarie Espejo
  • Shane Pasley
  • Hope Senterfitt
  • Gary Reece
  • William Chen & 772 TS/EWOI
  • Jane Price Germano: My mother’s childhood friend. Thanks Auntie Jane!
  • Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation: Thank you so much for sponsoring the cost of sending 20 boxes overseas to our troops!

Thanks to those who have donated items

  • Lynell Woodward: Lynell works with my godmother Sandra and was kind enough to donate a box of notepads and pens
  • Gladys Maddin: My momma is great. She also donated a bunch of stuff for me to put into care packages: cup of noodles, rice krispie treats, baby wipes, chapstick, easy mac, and socks!
  • Victor De Los Santos: My godfather’s best friend and my favorite dentist! He was kind enough to donate toothpaste to put in some of the hygiene boxes we will be sending out.
  • Raquel Ogaz: I went to grade school with Raquel for 8 years! She was kinda enough to pick up some items at Costco for us to include in our outgoing care packages such as socks, batteries, trail mix and tampons for the female soldiers. Thank you for helping us out girl!
  • Anonymous Freecyclers: We got a nice donation of all sorts of magazines from a couple of different people in the Pasadena Freecycle group. Someone was also nice enough to donate some black and green totes. Recently got a few bags of toys to put in the carepackages which go to those troops who are still “young at heart” and for them to pass out to the children they come in contact with.
  • Judy Kotifani, Janae Walsh, & Kevin Walsh: Thank you for sending me the boxes of beanie babies to put in care packages for our troops!
  • Robyn Gutierrez: Thank you for donating your gift card for Bath and Body Works. I will go pick up some items to put in the care packages!
  • Mike Margolin: Thank you for donating some great novels to send overseas to our troops.
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