By Jessica Maddin

How are you going to do this?
I am just a college student who can barely afford to pay for my last year of school.  I will depend on donations from people I know and my community to help raise enough money to pay for the shipping of these packages. I also will be coordinating various collection drives for much needed items. I have secured an amazing monthly donation of products from my CEO at 24 Hour Fitness.

How much should I donate?
Each priority mail flat rate box costs $12.50 to ship. Anything and everything helps. Whether it’s a dollar, five dollars, or twenty.  I know times are tough right now. There is no minimum!

I want to donate by cash or check
You can feel free to email or call me and I can give you an address where you can mail a check.  If you live in the area I can come pick it up as well. If you know any of my family members you can give your donation to them to give to me. Please make checks out to Jessica Maddin and in the memo or note box please put: Jessica’s Hope Project.

I want to donate by Paypal
Click on the button below to make your donation via paypal. We prefer not to use this as much because they take out fees. We want to take advantage of every penny of your donation for the troops!


1.) Go to
2.) Click on the send money tab
3.)  In the “To” box enter: and in the amount box put whatever you want to donate. You can sponsor a box or just give whatever amount you can.
4.) From here you can press continue and login to your paypal account or create a new one (it’s easy!)

Thank you so much for helping! Again I want to reiterate that anything helps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Material Donations
At the moment we have quite a lot of stuff to get out in packages. I will begin making requests for much needed items once we get more of our boxes out. This operation is taking place out of my house and we only have so much room. I don’t want my grandma to kill me for taking over her house. If there is something particular you want to donate please feel free to contact me and  I am sure we can work something out. Thank you for your support and help!

Some Supplies We Could Use
If you are interested in providing some of these items it would be a great help: college-ruled notebook paper, number 10 envelopes, boxes of pens, clear packing tape, and zip lock bags. We are including envelopes in each of the boxes so our “warriors” can write back to us or their family. I ordered some ziplock bags online, but we could always use more in all various sizes to pack and organize some of the smaller items, especially with hygiene items to prevent spilling. We could also use various stationary/cards to write our letters/notes and to include for them to use as well.

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