100 care packages sent!

Posted: 14th June 2010 by Jessica Maddin in Uncategorized

Total amount raised: $2505.43
Total number of boxes shipped: 100! YAY

It’s taken me a few days to update with this fabulous news because I was busy preparing for my grandfather’s birthday celebration yesterday and I had to work this morning. WOOHOO We did it! JHP sent out our 100th care package on 6/11. I sent my first 7 care packages out on 4/30. It was an insane week to get out those last 23 packages out, but what an amazing feeling to hit 100! Here’s to the next 100…

I received an amazing email from Sgt. Eric Lowney that I want to share with you. It really warmed my heart and shows me that what I am doing is making a difference.

My name is Eric Lowney, as you probably gathered from my e-mail address, and I just received an AMAZING care package from your charity, Jessica’s Hope Project.  It is amazing that people like you exist, honestly.  Taking the time to individually wrap boxes to send to people who you have never met and then to include personal handwritten notes in each one really is something rare.  It is astonishing also that a company, especially one as big and well-known as 24-hour fitness, is actually sponsoring the things you are sending out here to us.  I cannot tell you how many vendors, especially large chains, will not even offer 10% discounts on merchandise or meals (enough to cover the sales tax), and you guys are sending us these things absolutely free.  I think everyone who receives the items from these packages knows firsthand how expensive supplements, vitamins, and other fitness related products are and how they can cost a fortune.  Getting them in Afghanistan is basically left to ordering online (with shipping fees), so for people to give up so much for us is truly amazing and I cannot thank you enough for the items you sent me and for the Marines that I’ve distributed the contents to.  Words cannot express my gratitude and sincere thanks, I will be sending you pictures soon so you can put faces to our names.  I would love to stay in contact with you and your charity throughout the deployment if you have the time to e-mail back and forth.  Thanks again for everything.

I created an album on my facebook page called “The Faces JHP Supports.” I eventually will add some of those here to this blog, but for right now it is easier to just link this:


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