Taking Jessica’s Hope Project to the next level

Posted: 30th May 2010 by Jessica Maddin in Uncategorized

Total amount raised as of 5/29/10: $2405.43
Number of boxes shipped: 48

It’s been a pretty insane week and I am sorry for not being able to update sooner. The first part of the week involved me dealing with a brake issue with my car. I really want to say thank you to Rob and if you need a car repair and live in the Pasadena, California area please take it to him at AAMCO. He is a very honest mechanic and was nice enough to work with me on the issue I had on my car. I already had spent $200 with someone else and replaced the brake pads which did not fix the problem. It turns out the master brake cylinder also needed replacing. He originally quoted me $250 but was nice enough to agree to my offer of $200. I explained to him that it was not that I did not want to pay him I literally did not have the money and only had $200. I also found out he has a stepson in Iraq who is due home the first week of July. I told him about the project and even gave him a copy of the Pasadena Star News article which he requested so he could hang it in their shop.

Wednesday was a good day as I went to the post office and sent out another 15 boxes to various contacts. I am preparing another large shipment to go out this coming week as well. I love the post office I go to because they are so kind and nice. They know all about the project and everyone wants to help me. They gave me some more priority mail tape, custom forms, and labels since I was running low.

The most exciting news I have saved for last. Part of the reason I was not able to post until now was because I was preparing a proposal to give to my CEO at 24 Hour Fitness. The proposal basically asked if 24 Hour Fitness would be kind enough to sponsor my start up costs to establish Jessica’s Hope Project as an official 501 c3 non profit organization. The total cost to do so is about $1800 which I do not have. I sent the proposal off to Randy, the VP of Fitness and Development at 24, who told me he would pass it along to Carl. When I came home last night I had an email of Randy that absolutely blew my mind. I will touch on the highlights.

We’d be proud to underwrite your application for the 501c3 status…Bill Quinn, who heads up all our merchandising and was a big part of getting you the product shipment is working on a proposal so that we would be able to supply you with a monthly set of products for the foundation of some of your packages.  Not sure exact details yet but we should have sometime next week for you to look at.

I had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Not only would them help me get my 501 c3 status but they are going to be setting it up to where I get a monthly supply of goods to put in the care packages? I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed. I kept staring at my screen and must of read the email at least 100 times. I was brought to tears at their kindness. I feel even so much better now as I sent out these care packages to troops because I know I will be able to continue to send them products they desperately need and ultimately deserve. Not to mention this could not of happened on a more special weekend. This will be a Memorial Day that I will never forget. It is definitely going to be an interesting summer and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the rest of the year. I am meeting with a dean from my old high school on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of a collection drive and fundraiser for September. I already have one in the works for Woodbury and hope we are able to do it.

I even had a back up plan in case Carl couldn’t accommodate my request. I got an email from Wheel of Fortune, which I applied to last year online, that they are having tryouts at Casino Morongo on Wednesday. Guess who is making the trip out there? ME! I am going to try to win some big money. I have been a fan of the show since I was very little and am quite good. Cross your fingers for me. I hope i make it and have the opportunity to be on the show.

I am wishing you all a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

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