Our first response from one of our warriors!

Posted: 13th May 2010 by Jessica Maddin in Uncategorized

I am simply overjoyed at having gotten this correspondence earlier this afternoon. It is the first we have heard from our warriors that we have sent boxes to through Jessica’s Hope Project. I hope you enjoy his note as much as I did. My heart is filled with joy and I cannot wait to just keep continuing to help our deployed warriors overseas.

Aloha everyone! This morning we were going about our daily routine, preparing reports, getting ready for the flight schedule, performing scheduled maintenance on the aircraft, not thinking today was going to be any different than any other day.  When the mail clerk announced mail call, it was just part of the normal routine, so we weren’t particularly excited.  To our surprise we received one of the best Any Marine boxes that anyone can remember!  When we read the outside of the box, we were all sort of suspect, because a lot of times we get candy, or snacks that aren’t that high in quality, which we are very grateful for, but when we opened the package from Jessica and her hope project we were instantly overjoyed!  It is simply put, the best package that we have received from someone other than our relatives and loved ones ever!  I have been on 7 deployments and been part of the Any Marine program for the last 3, and I don’t think I have seen a package as fitness oriented and perfect as this one.  Everything is already passed out and the magazines have been read by each person in the shop, and we haven’t even had the box yet for 3 hours.  This box was perfect!  We all thank you for your support!  It is support from great patriots like yourselves that keeps us on track to continue our mission.

Semper Fidelis,
CWO Famy

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