The Cousins & Care Packages

Posted: 5th May 2010 by Jessica Maddin in Uncategorized

Here is a video I shot of the first care package I put together and sealed for Jessica’s Hope Project. I kinda ramble a bit because I was food deprived.  I also added a magazine to the box and did not realize what one of the headlines on the front cover was. I guess Fitness Magazines can have some racy articles, haha. I didn’t even notice until my cousins pointed it out to me that I was “supposedly” focusing in on it too. Trust me that was not intentional.

This was shot last Saturday when my cousins Domenic and Danielle came over to help me prepared more care packages. We are a bit silly. Also I made a really big goof and called people in the Navy “seamen.” I hope I do not offend any sailors!

Waiting to be sent at the post office

Did not get to take any video at the post office but I did get a nice photo of my favorite postal worker Rick with the first package after it was processed and ready to go. Hope you enjoy the little behind the scenes look at my project. It really is fun documenting all of this and I feel that it makes it more legit because people can see what I am doing and what their money is going to. Here is one of more packages sitting on the ledge waiting to be processed at the post office. Oh, and WHY HELLO ELLEN!

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